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At Great Bay Volleyball, we pride ourselves on providing a positive and educational experience for the youth we serve.  Our goal is for every player to realize their full potential and graduate the program with a sense of pride, confidence and accomplishment.  We are dedicated to maintaining a quality staff of coaches and administrators.   We all share the same goal; the pursuit of excellence and an unwavering dedication to creating a safe, positive and significant experience for all players.

Our promise to players and parents is to commit to the best possible combination of fairness and education while honoring the competitive nature of the sport.  We are fully dedicated to the idea that if you are a player in our gym, you will be included in the process of learning.  While the objective of every competitive team is to win, we believe there is more to club volleyball when it comes to our players.  It is therefore that we believe success is a byproduct of our philosophy and independent of our winning tournaments.  Our hope is for the support of players and parents in a subtle change in focus for club sports; excellence not glory.  Visit us at or contact us at